VIP Program

VIP Program

If you live abroad and would like to have Dr. Melki perform your surgery, all you have to do is enroll in the "VIP" or " Visiting In Patient" program, which has been perfected by Dr. Melki and his staff. It is easy, efficient and guaranteed to make your trip as pleasant and worry free as possible.

What do you have to do?

Fill the required fields in the consultation form and submit it. Dr. Melki will try to answer you within 24 to 48hrs. Remember that a virtual consultation is only preliminary and does not replace the face to face examination, during which Dr. Melki reserves the right to refuse to operate, or to modify the operative plan according to your need.

Once you receive an answer from Dr. Melki and you decide to proceed, the scheduling process begins. You will be given several dates to choose from based on your schedule and Dr. Melki's availability.

Before the actual surgery, a face to face consultation with Dr.Melki is needed. He will examine you to determine whether the surgery agreed upon during the virtual consultation is right for you or some modifications are needed. He will then discuss all aspects of the proposed surgery and answers all your questions. At the end of the visit, the final surgical fee is determined ( in case additional surgery is requested, or the initial surgical plan is modified ), and collected. It is a package which includes preoperative blood tests and medical assessment, your hospital stay ( 1st class private room ), medications, operating room, anesthesia and surgical fees, as well as consumables and implants. It does not include the cost of garments, any upgrade you might request, any additional hospital stay beyond what your package allows you to have, or any additional costs related to the treatment of potential complications. A 500USD non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm your surgical date. Your deposit will be refunded in full in case Dr. Melki or circumstances beyond his control force him to cancel your surgery. In case you decide to postpone your surgery, your deposit will be held until the time comes when you have it done.

Typically, you must plan on staying in Lebanon for approximately 5 to 15 days depending upon the nature of your surgery. This period of time will allow you to recover and to be adequately followed up by Dr.Melki, to make sure that you can go back home well healed and rested.