Breast augmentation
Breast lifting
Breast reduction
Body lifting after weight loss

Liposuction/laser & radio frequency assisted liposuction

  Dr. Melki performs his operations almost entirely in a hospital setting where the highest standards of care, hygiene and safety are met. This allows him also to use the services of a highly trained team of anesthesiologists with a vast experience in all types of anesthesia: sedation, spinal, epidural and general. You can rest assured that every effort will be made to render your experience as stress and pain free as possible.

Sagging of the breast or ptosis occurs when the skin looses its elasticity. This can be due to many factors like heredity, aging, breast feeding, pregnancy, and weight loss, to mention a few. Whether you will have a cut around the areola only, or down and under your breast, or whether you will need an augmentation at the same time will be determined and discussed with you during the initial consultation with Dr. Melki. Regardless of the chosen approach, the common principle is to lift the breast tissue by getting rid of the excess skin and tightening the breast envelope thus achieving the desired elevation with an adequate nipple position. If an augmentation is to be done at the same time, Dr. Melki will insert the implant through the same incision.